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St. Croix Real St.ate

About Our Island

Are you looking for a paradise island with beautiful sandy beaches, palm trees rustling overhead and clear turquiose waters perfect for diving? You have found paradise. Not only do we have the weather and immaculate beaches, our island is also close to the US so it is no wonder that many people have chosen to make an investment here





St. Croix is a tropical island so the weather is constant year round due to its tropical tradewinds. The summers are beautiful with temperatures reaching 82 degrees. The winters are mild and usually around 77 degrees so when you think of those who are residing in the rest of north America in the snow and frost, St. Croix definitely is the best place to be. The rainy season happens in the low tourist summer months although the showers tend stop as quickly as they start. Rain is quite often welcomed at this time of year.




There is a very rich history here, so when staying in one of the many Rentals available, it is a great opportunity to explore the island and learn about the many different cultures previously settled there. The history of St. Croix dates back to 2500 B.C. with the Caribs and the Tainos who were the first to settle there. Christopher Columbus arrived on the island in 1493. The Danish influence is the most prominent and this is clear in much of the archetecture.



St. Croix Churchs


Religion is very important here and our island has been called the Land of the churches, both for the amount of places of worship and the sheer number of different religions which are present on the island. Each civilization settling here brought with them their own religion, the first being the Moravians whose beautiful yellow church is still at the entrance of Christiansted. When you are on your St. Croix Vacation you will be very welcome to enjoy any of the services on the island.





There are plenty of schools to choose from on the island, both public and private, so when you are thinking about purchasing a Villa or Condo be safe in the knowledge that your children will have a good standard of education from nursery age right up to the time when they will attend the University of the Virgin Islands. For more information contact the Virgin Islands Government Education Department, at (340) 773-1095.

Internet on St. Croix

Internet Access

There are now several internet providers on the island of St. Croix including Choice Communications, BroadbandVI, Innovative Powermet and All of the companies provide a DSL service and cost around $50-$200 per month. Satallite internet is also available but at a higher price including installation.


St. Croix Income Tax

Tax Incentives

Opening or moving a business to St. Croix comes with tax incentives which include large reductions or exemptions in many taxes charged to US businesses. To qualify for these exemptions the businesses must be one that provides a certain service to customers outside the Virgin Islands. The tax incentives are provided by the EDA (Economic Development Authority) and is a branch of the government.


Real Estate on St. Criox


Real Estate

Your view of the prices of St. Croix Real Estate depends on where you currently live and most people feel that the luxury beachfront homes are reasonable compared to the US. There are large properties often with rental apartments or cottages on the land, however those people who wish to visit the island frequently but not live permanently will choose a condo.


St. Croix Entertainment


For those who enjoy sports, there are many activities which will suit all ages including sailing, fishing and horseback riding. If you are a nature lover then there are plenty of excursions available including nature walks, turtle nesting tours and bird watching. Click thorugh on the title to see a list of local companies.

St. Croix Sailing


Real Estate FAQ


Even if you have completed a sale in the US, completing a real estate transaction here can still seem daunting and confusing. There are several questions whch are frequently asked when this process is on going, we have detailed these along with advice to help the process run more smoothly.


St. Croix Sailing


When choosing our island as your vacation destination, take into account the many stunning white sand beaches it has to offer. You can choose a beachfront or inland property if you wish but make sure to enjoy what brings thousands of holiday visitors annually to our beautiful Island. Enjoy our beaches as we do!

St. Croix Sailing

Events Calendar and Local Contact Guide

Our island has so much to offer whether you have chosen it for your much desrved vacation or your own place in the sun to live. Coldwell Banker St. Croix Realty has compiled a complete list of the annual events held on the island as well as an in depth contact guide for local services.