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Real-Estate FAQ

St. Croix has been called the Land of Churches for both the number and variation of places of worship that dot our landscape. It has been estimated that over 140 congregations meet for worship on St. Croix.
Major religious influences arrived with each boatload of settlers. The first to come were the Moravians whose handsome yellow church still watches the entrance to Christiansted from its small hilltop. The English brought their Anglican (Episcopalian) churches built in beautiful Gothic style: St. John’s in Christiansted and St. Paul’s in Frederkisted. Holy Cross in Christiansted is the Virgin Islands’ oldest Catholic church; also significant are St. Ann’s mid-island and St. Patrick’s in Frederiksted. The Danes brought the Lutheran church which also has a congregation in each town. These are just a few of the many churches on St. Croix from Seventh Day Adventist to Methodist, Baptist, Church of God, and many more.

Other faiths also abound. We have a Jewish reformed synagogue, a Hindu temple, and a Moslem mosque.
A complete listing is published by Interfaith Coalition or call (340) 778-2880 for more information.

St. Croix offers a wide variety of schools, both public and private, for all age children, from nursery care to The University of the Virgin Islands. For a complete list of all of the local schools, please contact the Virgin Islands Government Education Department, at (340) 773-1095. For your convenience, below is a list of private schools including contact information:

  • AZ Academy. Phone: (340) 773-7909. Contact: Paula Heller
  • Country Day School: Phone: (340) 778-1974. Contact: Charles Adams,
  • Glenn Christian Academy. Phone: (340) 778-1932. Contact: Tamara Daniel
  • Good Hope School: Phone: (340) 772-0022. Contact: Sue Ward,
  • Kingshill School. Phone: (340) 778-6564. Contact: Janie Koopmans
  • The Manor School. Phone: (340) 773-1448 Contact: Judeth Gadd
  • Nazarine Christian School. Phone: (340) 773-0042. Helen Yasper
  • Randolph Lockhart Christian School. Phone (340) 719-2000.
  • Rattan Montessori School. Phone (340) 773-8600. Contact: Norajane Little or Maureen Garcia
  • St. Mary’s Catholic School. Phone (340) 773-0117. Contact: Elizabeth Hering
  • St. Patrick’s School. Phone (340) 772-5052. Contact: Melissa Ortiz
  • School of the Good Shepherd. Phone (340) 772-2280.Contact: Mary Ellen French
  • Seventh Day Adventist School. Phone (340) 773-6350. Contact: Kodzo Ekpe
  • West Indies Heritage Institute, Inc. Phone (340) 773-7221.

Internet Access
Several companies provide Internet service on St. Croix. Most commonly used is the traditional dial-up connection that costs approximately $22-$30 per month for residential service. DSL service is available in some areas around the island at a cost of approximately $65-$75 per month. Satellite Internet access is also available, but comes with a slightly higher price tag that includes purchase and installation of the equipment.

A list of internet providers is below. Please call to find out if DSL service is available in your area.

  • AT&T of the Virgin Islands (340) 776-6000
  • Choice Communications (340) 778-5840
  • VI Powernet (340) 779-9999
  • Paradise Satellite (340) 719-2488

Tax Incentives
The Economic Development Commission (EDC), or Economic Development Authority (EDA), is a branch of the government that seeks to foster economic growth within the United States Virgin Islands. The EDC offers tax incentives to qualifying U.S. corporations that move or open businesses in the U.S.V.I. The federal and territorial governments created this incentive to create jobs and stimulate the local economy.
The tax incentives include substantial reductions in, or exemptions from many of the taxes imposed on U.S. businesses. For example, businesses can receive up to a 90% exemption on corporate income taxes, and up to 100% exemption on property taxes, gross receipts taxes, and excise taxes for building materials for up to 15 years. Qualifying businesses must in manufacturing, goods producing, product assembly, or a service business that provide a certain service to customers outside the Virgin Islands, For more information regarding the EDC, please call (340) 774-8104, or toll free, 1-877-432-8784, or visit their website at

Real Estate on St. Croix
There are more than fifteen commercial centers with office and commercial space on St. Croix, with several more under construction. These spaces range from historical landmark buildings in downtown Christiansted and Frederiksted, to more modern and commercial sites. Typically, office space rents for $10-$20 per square foot annually, while retail space rents for $10-$50 a square foot annually, depending upon location. Christiansted and Sunny Isle Shopping Center locations usually demand higher rental rates. The St. Croix Industrial Park, developed by the Virgin Island government and the public Industrial Park Corporation also had rental space available at rates starting at $2.50 per square foot for companies that qualify for benefits granted by the EDC. Prices for bare land in appropriate commercial areas range from $60,000-$120,000 per acre, depending upon location.

Real-Estate FAQ