Religion on St Croix

St Croix ChurchsSt. Croix has been called the Land of Churches for both the number and variation of places of worship that dot its landscape. It has been estimated that over 150 congregations meet for worship on St. Croix.

Major religious influences arrived with each boatload of settlers. The first to come were the Moravians whose handsome yellow church still watches the entrance to Christiansted from its small hilltop. The English brought their Anglican (Episcopalian) churches built in beautiful Gothic style: St. John's in Christiansted and St. Paul's in Frederiksted. Holy Cross in Christiansted is the Virgin Islands' oldest Catholic Church; also significant are St. Ann's mid-island and St. Patrick's in Frederiksted. The Danes brought the Lutheran church which also has a congregation in each town. These are just a few of the many churches on St. Croix , but many more faiths are represented from Seventh Day Adventist to Methodist, Baptist, Church of God, and many more.When on your St Croix vacation feel free to enjoy any of the island services as you will be most welcome.

Other faiths abound. We have a Jewish reformed synagogue, a Hindu temple, and a Moslem mosque. A complete listing is published by Interfaith Coalition or call (340) 778-2880 for more information.

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