Reasons to Buy St. Croix Real Estate

Ever catch yourself daydreaming about living in the sunny Caribbean? Or making a commercial investment in paradise? Owning a second home, condo, rental or commercial property on St. Croix will fulfill those dreams! Choosing to buy property on our beautiful island has fulfilled many a dream!

St. Croix, largest of the three US Virgin Islands with plenty of room to grow without becoming crowded, remains a relatively undiscovered treasure with beachfront properties still only a fraction of what you’d spend in the United States. Known as the Big Island, St. Croix is 28 miles long and 7 miles at its widest point. We boast both the courtesy and friendliness typical of a small town and the aplomb that comes with an international population and European heritage. Our 50,000-plus residents can be eligible for US tax benefits and advantages. Come to our island paradise and see for yourself! Historic sugar mills dot the verdant landscape, grand 18th-century buildings line the downtown waterfront, turquoise waters and glistening beaches beckon. You could be at home here.

The island of St. Croix is one of the many beautiful islands in the Caribbean, which can only be described as a year around summer paradise. The weather on the island is just perfect with average temperatures of 80 degrees. Couple this with white sandy beaches, clear blue Caribbean seas, stunning views, a laid back pace of life and friendly people, and it is easy to see why so many people are choosing to buy real estate here, either as a vacation home or to re-locate permanently.

Here on our website you will find listings of many villas, condos and homes, allowing you to select a property of the right size and budget for your vacation or the property of your dreams.

Top Ten Reasons to Purchase a St. Croix Property:

  • our island is a tropical paradise with average temperatures of 80 degrees year round and very little rainfall.
  • Beauty and nature abound. From Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge to Buck Island National Park, the East End Marine Park and Point Udall, beauty reigns.
  • Locals (Crucians) greet you with big smiles and a hearty “Good Morning!” Or “Good Afternoon!” Courtesy is the order of the day. Drivers are friendly.
  • We conveniently located with direct flights from Miami or just a short hop from San Juan, giving ease of access to the island.
  • The official language is English.
  • We the U.S. flag and use the U.S. dollar. As an American territory, our island offers anyone living here the same rights and conveniences of the United States. This makes real estate transaction safe and easy
  • There are good employment opportunities within many fields, and the territory has an Economic Development Commission Program.
  • The local government offers tax incentives for qualifying business owners bringing trade to the island.
  • Throughout history seven flags have flown over the island, leaving their stamp in architecture, heritage and culture.
  • We have a large multi-cultural ex-pat community, including many people from the U.S.

Now that you have decided to buy St. Croix Real Estate, buy with the professionals. St. Croix Realty, the official agents for the world-renowned Coldwell Banker group, can assist you in making that exciting step of buying your dream home in the Caribbean. Our team of professional agents at will walk you through every step to insure an easy transaction and transition into your new island life.